The Original Coney Island Cafe & Bar.

St. Paul, Minnesota

The Original Coney Island was still open in the early 90's when I lived in St. Paul. It has two distinct sides...a cafe side, which feels like an old school cafe complete with

stools at a counter...and a bar side...complete with bar stools at a bar. The cafe side is bright and airy and serves coney dogs. The bar side is dank and dark and serves liquor. It's perfect. It closed down around 1996 and sat frozen in time. They open once a year during the winter carnival for one day of bliss. The line snakes through the whole joint and out the door. Standing in line with an older crowd that reminices about going the the Original Coney Island after school or on dates or after work...many of them bringing their kids and grand kids along to show them what's what. It's a magical survivor in a world that has torn down most of what was cool from this era.