Zen. Papa’s Shoe Repair. Waconia, MN.

I met Zen at a motorcycle event. He walked over to me and let me know that my Redwing Postman's shoes were in rough shape and he could fix me up.  He seemed a little pissed...like a good shoe guy should...he looked at me all polite offering to help, but what he was really saying was "What the fuck dude...fix those shoes...those are Redwings, you gotta live up!". And when a dude as big as Zen towers over you, tattooed arms crossed and tells you what's what, you listen. So I brought him a couple pairs of Redwings that needed resoleing and he got to work. I spent a couple hours hanging out in his shop as he showed me all the stapes that go into tdoing shoe repair the right way. Gotta love that there's still people around that believe in the craft and doing something well. Zen makes his own soles from scratch...pores the material into molds and everything....way cool shit. He can makes soles any color you'd want. I went with black. He didn't seem too disappointed.